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Customer service is our top priority at Colorado Springs Speech Therapy.

This means exceptional, individualized patient care, while treating you and your loved ones like family.

We treat a wide range of communication and feeding/swallowing disorders for children and adults.

We are known for providing innovative speech therapy techniques including our popular aquatic speech therapy model.

Our loyal, highly trained staff relentlessly strives to provide you and your loved ones with the best patient care possible. Colorado Springs Speech Therapy is committed to providing excellent care in both Spanish and English.


  • 1-2

    Between One and Two

    • Understands "no"
    • Uses 10 to 20 words, including names
    • Waves good­bye and plays pat­a­cake
  • 2-3

    Between Two and Three

    • Asks "what's that?"
    • Uses two word negative phrases such as "no want".
    • Has a 450 word vocabulary
  • 3-4

    Between Three and Four

    • Can tell a story
    • Has a sentence length of 4-5 words
    • Has a vocabulary of nearly 1000 words
  • 4-5

    Between Four and Five

    • Has sentence length of 4-5 words
    • Uses past tense correctly
    • Has a vocabulary of nearly 1500 words
  • 5-6

    Between Five and Six

    • Has a sentence length of 5-6 words
    • Has a vocabulary of around 2000 words
    • Defines objects by their use and what objects are made of


Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Childhood apraxia of speech (CAS) is a motor speech disorder. Children with CAS experience problems with planning body movements needed for speech. Children with CAS may have problems saying sounds and words that he/she wants to say. At Colorado Springs Speech Therapy we focus on research proven methods of treating CAS. We provide frequent and intensive therapy that focuses on planning, sequencing, and coordinating muscle movements to produce speech. We implement positive and encouraging support and integrate naturalistic speech with specific therapy trials.

Traumatic Brain Injury

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is an injury to the brain that can be the result of a violent blow to the head or a jolt to the head. Mild traumatic brain injuries can cause temporary communication dysfunction, and more severe brain injuries can cause more complicated and long term communication problems. At Colorado Springs Speech Therapy we work with clients with mild to severe traumatic brain injuries. Therapy depends on the stage of recovery that the client is in, but all therapy is geared toward creating improved communication pathways and increasing independence.


Voice disorders consist of a number of symptoms that impact the quality of one's voice including pitch, loudness and quality of sound. Speech therapy is important to help reduce symptoms and improve quality of communication and life. Our approach at Colorado Springs Speech Therapy consists of guiding patients through vocal behavior changes and vocal exercises to target specific individual outcomes.

Communication Disorder/Delay

A Communication disorder or delay is an impairment in one's ability to process, send, receive, or comprehend written or spoken language. Communication disorders can range from mild to severe and can be developmental or acquired. With children, studies show that the earlier your child gets help, the greater their progress will be. Whether you have a child that is a late bloomer or you are person with an acquired speech condition, at Colorado Springs Speech Therapy we will work with you to create a developmentally appropriate intervention plan.

Assistive Technology

Assistive technology is a term that includes assistive, adaptive, alternative and rehabilitative devices and materials for people with disabilities. At Colorado Springs Speech Therapy we routinely use assistive technology for specific therapy purposes and to aid in communication.


Aphasia is a condition that impairs your ability to communicate. It can affect your ability to understand language, both verbal and written, and can affect one's ability to speak or write. Aphasia may occur suddenly after a stroke or a head injury. Treating aphasia requires expertise and patience, and is symptom specific. We provide therapy by augmenting current skills, providing assistive technology options and training, or developing specific speech and cognitive programs for clients and their families.


Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is group of disorders that are characterized by difficulties with repetitive behaviors, social interaction, and a variety of communication disorders including social communication difficulties. Individuals with ASD can have a wide variety of ability levels and needs. At Colorado Springs Speech Therapy we treat many children and adults with ASD. Our aquatic speech therapy program has been a very popular and effective treatment model for our clients with ASD. Many clients respond well and are able to attend better when their body is in water due to total body hydrostatic pressure (water pressure).

Aquatic Speech Therapy

Our Aquatic speech therapy is an extension of our land-based therapy. Aquatic speech therapy is appropriate for a variety of clients and provides increased motivation, attention to a task, and strength of musculature and respiration related to speech. It also improves range of motion of the chest and shoulder region and improves head and trunk strength as a precursor for speech. It is a perfect environment for people with positioning challenges and sensory needs. Aquatic speech therapy also improves oral function performance increasing lip and mouth closure all in an environment of play and social interaction.


Stuttering is a speech disorder where the normal flow of speech is interrupted, preventing individuals from speaking in a fluent manner. Stuttering can be characterized by repetitions, breathing irregularities, and a variety of avoidance behaviors. While many children outgrow stuttering behaviors, research shows that early detection and therapy is critical for meaningful progress. At Colorado Springs Speech Therapy we use a combination of stuttering modification and fluency shaping as well as compensatory strategies to increase confidence and comfort.


Feeding and swallowing disorders include problems chewing, moving or swallowing food. Swallowing problems called dysphagia can happen to children and adults. We believe in making feeding fun and encourage patients to explore new capabilities while feeling safe and in control. We provide individual swallowing and feeding therapy as well as feeding groups.

Speech and Swim

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